Give a student the chance of a lifetime.

You may not know it, but you have a treasure you can pass on to a student…something of almost infinite worth.

It’s the ability to read.  It unlocks doors, opens new possibilities and shines a bright light into a future that had once been hidden. And with our 321 Read program, you can share that precious gift with a student, simply by reading with them for 30 minutes a week.

When you volunteer for 321 Read, we match you with a struggling first grade reader. Every week the two of you spend time reading together during the school day. The student gets to keep the book to grow their library, read on their own, and share with family.  

You have the opportunity to follow the same student through first, second and third grade, not just helping them learn to read, but being there as a role model and a supportive adult.  The time, energy and care you invest will make an outsized impact in the life of that student.

Volunteers are always needed for 321 Read at every elementary school in Clark County.  Background checks and volunteer training are required. Your total time commitment is typically less than 1 hour a week but makes all the difference in the journey of a young reader.

“I give to Youth Link Southern Indiana because their mission lies directly with uplifting and educating our future generation on a local level. With programs like 321 Read, which pairs children with volunteers for weekly one-on-one reading sessions, Youth Link focuses on what kids in our community need the most, and they do it with a lot of heart. Please join me in supporting Youth Link Southern Indiana today by making a pledge.”

Christopher Hayes, 321 Read Volunteer